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Social Media Updates for July 2023

Stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends with our Social Media Updates for July 2023! Step into July 2023, Social Media Updates where the social media landscape continues its rapid evolution, unveiling an array of noteworthy trends and invaluable insights. Amidst this dynamic digital realm, businesses and creators are navigating shifts in advertising, content strategies, and user behaviors. Notably, e-commerce integration on platforms like Reddit and the burgeoning rise of meme marketing are redefining marketing approaches. 

Additionally, the impact of paid subscriptions and recent API changes on Reddit have left an indelible mark on user trust and advertising methods. Despite these changes, social media remains a pivotal arena for engagement, brand cultivation, and the extraction of vital audience insights. Join us as we delve into the latest trends shaping the social media realm this month.

TikTok Updates for July 2023

TikTok has evolved beyond its roots in short-form content.

  • TikTok shifting away from traditional short-form content focus
  • Launch of “Creativity Program Beta” encouraging 1-minute minimum length content
  • Aim to foster originality and reduce reliance on trends, promoting longer user attention spans
  • Fluctuations in organic reach observed for shorter content (15-30 seconds)
  • Emphasis on longer-form content for extended user engagement and seamless ad integration
  • YouTube Shorts’ growth surpassing Reels and TikTok, reshaping the landscape
  • Temporary TikTok ban in March boosted attention towards YouTube Shorts
  • TikTok embracing AI with AI chatbot for enhanced user interactions
  •  AI Ad Script generator introduced for AI-driven ad features
  •  Paradigm shift for TikTok, focusing more on creativity, longer-form content, and leveraging AI for user experience enhancement.

Twitter Updates for July 2023

Unveiling Twitter’s Fresh Algorithm: A Closer Look at the Latest Changes

  • Twitter’s latest algorithm unveiled on GitHub on March 31st, driven by Elon Musk’s push for transparency
  • Introduction of “Pay for reach” option through Twitter Blue subscriptions, granting more significant reach on the “For You” feed
  • Approx. 50% of “For You” feed content is recommendations, while the other 50% is from followed accounts
  • Likes and retweets remain crucial factors influencing organic reach, boosting visibility by 10-20 times more than Comments
  • Algorithm labels tweets from prominent figures like Elon Musk and continuously tracks various accounts and topics
  • Respected sources and influential accounts have a better chance of getting their content seen
  • Building authority becomes crucial for new brands to improve visibility
  • Twitter’s aversion to outbound links confirmed in the source code
  • Tip: Include outbound links within comments rather than the main tweet to maintain reach for valuable tweets
  • Understanding the algorithm can help users navigate Twitter more effectively and benefit from enhanced visibility and engagement.

BeReal’s Updates for July 2023

BeReal’s Decline Mirrors Clubhouse’s Fate

  • BeReal’s growth trend declining, unlike previous reports touting it as a top social media platform for 2023
  • Users spending less time on BeReal compared to established social media platforms
  • BeReal lacks plans to introduce advertising, raising concerns about revenue generation
  • Potential survival hinges on unique culture and brand messaging centered around transparency
  • Attracts Gen-Z users, especially teenagers, resonating with Snapchat’s audience
  • Culturally-driven platforms may attract new users at a slower pace
  • Could incentivize content creators with more monetary rewards for exclusive content, similar to Snapchat
  • Opportunity to establish itself as a desirable platform for creators and businesses
  • BeReal in a transitional phase seeking to evolve into a viable marketing channel

LinkedIn Updates for July 2023

The Role of AI in Content Recommendations on LinkedIn

  • AI-driven content recommendations shaping experiences on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn’s connection circle composition influences suggested content to others
  • LinkedIn announced leveraging AI and algorithms for increased suggested posts
  • More content suggested based on interactions from connections (likes, comments)
  • Opportunity for creators and businesses to strategically build valuable LinkedIn connection networks
  • Ensures content reaches the right audience and improves visibility

Facebook Updates for July 2023

The Role of AI in Content Recommendations on Facebook

  • Facebook (now Meta) witnessing surge in AI utilization for content recommendations
  • Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes AI’s role in heightened user engagement
  • Importance of creating distinct, high-quality content tailored to existing audience
  • Algorithm analyzes user profiles actively engaging with content for recommendations
  • Size and engagement levels of creator and follower network influence growth
  • Strategic nurturing and engagement with the audience crucial for optimizing content visibility and reach in 2023.

Instagram Updates for July 2023

Instagram’s Shift to a Helpful Platform: A Look at Recent Changes and Education Efforts

  • Instagram’s growth no longer purely organic, but recent changes neutralized organic reach issues
  • Better chances of growth through visual content like IG reels, making the platform more creator-friendly
  • Instagram no longer penalizes content edited in external apps like TikTok or Capcut
  • Advises against using watermarks on content for enhanced visibility
  • Hashtags do not significantly impact engagement, relevant hashtags may influence organic reach on specific posts
  • Creators benefit from Instagram University, a hidden program led by employees and experts
  • Guidance on keyword research to boost content performance and enhance visibility
  • Official Instagram University is invite-only for US creators and businesses
  • Caution against enrolling in courses offered by fake gurus with the same name
  • Organic reach potential with Instagram broadcasts now available globally
  • Increased engagement for personal and client content using Instagram as a content distribution source
  • Instagram team actively works to educate users and dispel myths, fostering a helpful environment for creators and businesses.

Reddit Updates for July 2023

The Evolving State of Reddit: Embracing the E-commerce Wave

  • Reddit distinguishing itself from other social media platforms with upcoming changes
  • Dedicated teams like Karmalabs working with agency clients and brands for advertising and partnerships
  • Reddit Talks and e-commerce features as future developments
  • “Shops” feature allowing users to embed products in comments
  • Recent 48-hour blackout in June impacted user trust after Reddit’s decision to charge developers for API integration
  • Organic Reddit marketing unaffected, community discussions continued during the blackout
  • Reddit remains a favorite social listening platform for building buyer identities through conversations
  • Solidarity expressed with users, third-party developers, and moderators during this period of change
  • Evolution toward e-commerce features may alter the platform’s landscape
  • Importance of trust and transparency in social media platforms highlighted by recent blackout
  • Reddit’s unique offering as a social listening tool continues to provide value to marketers seeking deeper insights from conversations.

Instagram and Facebook Updates for July 2023

Notable Ad Tracking Changes in Europe: Implications for Social Media Advertisers

  • From April 2023, EU users on Instagram and Facebook can opt out of ad tracking
  • Personalized ads will cease for users who opt out, impacting ad targeting practices in Europe
  • Social media advertisers need to reevaluate strategies and focus on comprehensive market research
  • Crafting compelling ad creatives to resonate with the target audience is essential
  • Greater emphasis on refining marketing techniques in the new landscape
  • Tip: Leverage influencer accounts with paid partnerships for targeted ads and higher conversion rates
  • Advertising industry monitoring the impact on ad targeting effectiveness and user opt-out rates
  • Adaptability and innovation crucial for social media advertisers in the evolving landscape.

The Landscape of Edutainment Content: Evolution and Demands in 2023

  • Surge in edutainment content creation during 2021-22 as social media brands shifted focus to providing valuable free content
  • Dynamics evolved on text-focused platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit
  • “How-to” or “Tips” content no longer sufficient; demand for engaging narratives like “How I” and “Journey” content
  • Personal experiences and insights now sought in educational content
  • Establishing a relatable persona or delivering content beyond AI capabilities essential for success
  • Edutainment content requires additional elements like brand values, storytelling, and personas
  • Adapting social media sales funnels to align with content strategies on various platforms crucial for engagement and conversions
  • Crafting compelling and tailored approaches on each platform to meet demands of the ever-changing edutainment landscape in 2023.

The Era of Influencer Marketing: Evolving Strategies for Long-Term Impact

  • Influencer landscape has transformed beyond 2020, users more discerning about promotional tactics
  • One-time product mentions no longer convincing for impulsive purchases
  • Users realizing some influencers endorse products without genuine usage or endorsement
  • Creators inundated with brand deals, users weary of receiving multiple product pitches from the same influencers
  • Rise of #deinfluence on TikTok and Instagram, real-time product users providing authentic feedback
  • Importance for brands to validate user reviews and product quality before investing in influencer marketing
  • Creator market no longer a guaranteed ticket to instant virality, can backfire if not approached strategically
  • Established brands focusing on building long-term relationships with creators who genuinely find products valuable
  • Brands working with micro-influencers with dedicated followings
  • Diminished reliance on big influencers with millions of followers, focus on audience engagement and authentic connections
  • Well-thought-out strategies essential for long-term impact in the evolving influencer marketing landscape.

The Surge of Meme Marketing: Leveraging Humor for Social Media Success

  • Meme marketing has grown exponentially since the TikTok phenomenon
  • Challenge: Most memes originate from internet cultures and individuals, requiring approval from legal teams for established brands
  • Crucial to add new original content and comply with copyright laws when using memes for marketing
  • Meme marketing thrives on TikTok, rewards relatable content appealing to a broad audience
  • Prominent brands like Microsoft, Duolingo, and Hilton embracing meme marketing on TikTok
  • Effective on other platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter, humor-associated brands are more memorable to consumers
  • Meme marketing offers an opportunity for brands to engage audiences and achieve higher brand recall and engagement
  • Understanding legal aspects and ensuring content originality are essential for a successful meme marketing strategy.

Embracing Paid Subscriptions: A Growing Trend in Social Media

  • Paid subscriptions increasingly prevalent on social media platforms, TikTok and Pinterest leading the way
  • Expanding number of platforms offering premium options, including YouTube Premium, Meta Paid Subscriptions, Snapchat Plus, LinkedIn Premium, Twitter Blue, Reddit Premium, and Discord Nitro
  • Users opt for paid subscriptions for account security and identity verification
  • Twitter Blue attracts subscribers with fewer than 1,000 followers, indicating willingness to pay for better experience and account security
  • Brands and creators recognize value of subscriptions for a healthy online presence and easier identification amid fake bot accounts
  • Users enroll in paid subscriptions on Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Discord for exclusive benefits and limited features
  • “Pay for Social Media” trend offers viable exit strategy for social media companies amid data laws and advertising slowdown
  • Meta and Twitter may introduce ad-free plans in the future, potentially impacting advertisers and PPC marketers
  • For now, advertising on these platforms remains unaffected, and paid subscriptions prove to be a wise move for businesses in 2023 with added benefits and improved user experience.


In July 2023, the social media landscape continues to evolve with captivating trends and valuable insights that captivate businesses and creators alike. TikTok is reshaping content formats, prioritizing longer and more creative posts, while Twitter’s algorithm adjustments present fresh opportunities for expanding reach and visibility. Edutainment content is evolving, calling for more personalized and relatable stories. Meme marketing gains traction, injecting humor into brand strategies. 

Paid subscriptions gain popularity, enhancing user experiences and security. Reddit’s integration of e-commerce features transforms marketing strategies. Despite these transformations, social media remains an essential arena for engagement, brand development, and audience understanding. Adapting to these trends will be vital for success in the dynamic world of social media marketing as we progress into 2023. To check out the Social Media Updates of June 2023 click here – Social Media Updates for June 2023


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