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Social Media Updates for August 2023

Stay ahead with the latest Social Media Updates for August 2023. Dive into trending features, algorithm changes, platform news and more.The world of social media is a dynamic and ever changing one to help you keep pace with the latest developments we ve compiled a summary of recent updates and innovations on popular social media platforms from transparency in ai generated content to enhanced engagement features here’s what you need to know!!

TikTok: Leading the Way in AI-Generated Content Transparency

  • TikTok introduces a new label feature for AI-generated content.
  • Creators can now label content as “AI-generated” to promote transparency and prevent unintentional removal.
  • TikTok’s commitment to content authenticity is evident, with a history of prohibiting deep fake videos.
  • Instagram is also reportedly developing labels for AI-generated content, aligning with the trend of transparency.

Instagram: Enhancing User Engagement and Collaboration

  • Instagram adds music to carousel posts, enriching user engagement.
  • Users can now embed songs in photo carousels, fostering multimedia evolution.
  • The “Collabs” feature allows up to four users to co-create posts or Reels, enhancing content reach.
  • The “Add Yours” sticker gets refined, spotlighting specific Reels from followers for broader participation.
  • Instagram’s shift towards video content is confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, with 200 billion daily Reels views.
  • Meta’s Threads app deepens its integration with Instagram, allowing direct sharing of Threads posts to Instagram DMs.
  • Threads introduces a profile mention button, improved list-sorting tools, and custom alt-text for images and videos.
  • Instagram is piloting a new metrics format displaying shares and comments alongside likes, reflecting a growing emphasis on private interactions.

Meta: Advancing AI for Content Accuracy and Collaboration

  • Meta introduces “Shepherd,” an AI-driven system to refine model responses and improve AI-generated content accuracy.
  • Shepherd’s critiques match or surpass those from models like ChatGPT.
  • Generative AI tools like GPT-4 are already showcasing superior performance.
  • TikTok releases a travel marketing guide for businesses, offering insights into travel trends and user preferences.
  • Access to the guide requires email registration.

LinkedIn’s Latest Feature

  • LinkedIn has made the decision to retire three prominent creator-focused features: carousels, profile videos, and link stickers.
  • These changes are set to take effect on June 26, 2023.
  • The decision to phase out these features may require content creators and businesses to adapt their content creation strategies on the platform.


LinkedIn Company Pages Now Support Direct Messaging:


  • LinkedIn has launched a messaging inbox for Company Pages, aiming to simplify interactions between page administrators and their audience.
  • This feature, known as Pages Messaging, fosters two-way communication, enabling members to directly connect with brands through their Company Page.
  • It’s a valuable tool for businesses looking to provide customer support, answer inquiries, and engage with their audience on a more personal level.


New Features to Boost Marketing Efforts on LinkedIn:


  • LinkedIn continues to evolve as a marketing platform with the introduction of four new features designed to enhance marketing efforts for companies.
  • Page administrators can now schedule Page posts up to three months in advance, providing greater control over content publishing.
  • Professionally designed post templates have been introduced, making it easier for users to create visually engaging posts.
  • LinkedIn has adopted clickable link stickers, allowing users to add clickable links to their posts, increasing engagement and driving traffic to various online resources.
  • The ability to pin comments on posts and make public commitments has been added to empower users and highlight valuable contributions and initiatives.


LinkedIn’s Embrace of Templates for Enhanced Engagement:


  • LinkedIn is rolling out templates to help users create engaging content that stands out in users’ feeds.
  • These professionally designed templates are colorful and visually appealing, making it quicker and easier for users to create eye-catching posts.
  • The goal is to empower users to create content that captures attention and inspires their professional community.
  • The “Use a template” prompt will be available on LinkedIn’s mobile app, providing easy access to these templates.


LinkedIn’s Latest Feature: Link Stickers:


  • LinkedIn is introducing clickable link stickers, similar to Instagram’s functionality, allowing users to include clickable links in their posts.
  • This feature aims to help users drive engagement and generate traffic to various online resources, including websites, job listings, articles, and more.
  • It offers an additional avenue for users to connect with their audience and share valuable content.
  • LinkedIn’s continuous innovation in features reflects its commitment to providing a dynamic and effective platform for professionals and businesses to connect, engage, and thrive.

YouTube Introduces User Handles: Enhancing Discoverability and Curbing Scams


  • YouTube is launching a new feature called “Handles” for all channels.
  • Handles provide personalized URLs for channels, making it easier for users to find and connect with creators.
  • These handles will be visible on channel homepages, in search results, YouTube Shorts, and comments.
  • They will also serve as YouTube verification badges for smaller channels.
  • Custom URLs were previously available to channels with over 100 subscribers, but handles will not have a subscriber count requirement.
  • Channels with existing custom URLs will have those URLs reserved for their new handle.
  • The option to create a new custom handle will be available for everyone.
  • Handles are limited to a maximum of 30 characters and must adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines.
  • YouTube will roll out this feature over the next few weeks, and channels will receive notifications and emails when handles become available in their region.
  • If no handle is claimed by November 14, 2022, YouTube will automatically apply one, but creators can still change to a customized handle after this date.
  • Handles will be unique to each creator, helping users identify legitimate channels and potentially reducing the prevalence of scam bots and comments on the platform.

Twitter’s Evolution Under Elon Musk’s Ownership: A Recap of Key Updates


  • Twitter officially rebranded as “X” on July 22, 2023, following an announcement by owner Elon Musk.
  • This rebranding reflects a significant change for the original text-based social network and has been in the works for some time.


Twitter Limits Daily Tweet Views:


  • Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, introduced new limits on how much content users can view per day.
  • These limits aim to address issues related to data scraping and system manipulation, marking an effort to maintain platform integrity.


Twitter Reveals Recommendation Algorithm:


  • Twitter fulfilled a promise made by Elon Musk to release its source code for the recommendation algorithm.
  • The algorithm aims to answer key questions and enhance user experiences by predicting interactions and highlighting trending content.
  • By sharing the algorithm’s code, Twitter aims to provide transparency on how it curates content for users.


Elon Musk Dissolves Twitter’s Board of Directors:

  • Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter led to the dissolution of the platform’s entire board of directors, as confirmed by a securities filing in October 2022.
  • This move reflects Musk’s substantial influence on the social media platform’s leadership.


Account Verification Behind Twitter Blue Paywall:


  • Twitter Blue, the platform’s subscription service, now requires users to have Verified Account status, with the subscription cost quadrupling to $20 USD per month.
  • Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter resulted in significant changes to the Twitter Blue service, including the price increase and the requirement for verification.


Elon Musk Acquires Twitter:


  • Elon Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter on October 28, 2022, as confirmed by the SEC filing.
  • Following the acquisition, several key Twitter executives, including the CEO and CFO, departed from the company.


Multimedia Tweets Arrive on Twitter:


  • Twitter introduced the ability to share videos, images, and GIFs in the same tweet on October 5, 2022.
  • Users can also swipe on videos in their feed to discover related content, reminiscent of TikTok.
  • These features enhance the multimedia experience on the platform.


Twitter Finally Adds Edit Tweet Feature:


  • Twitter began rolling out the highly anticipated Edit Tweet feature on September 1, 2022.
  • Initially available for internal testing, the feature later extended to Twitter Blue subscribers in select regions.
  • Edit Tweet allows users to make edits within 30 minutes of posting, with limitations on the number of edits allowed.


Co-Tweeting Introduced on Twitter:


  • Twitter introduced the “CoTweet” feature, enabling users to co-author tweets with other public accounts that follow them.
  • While co-authoring is possible, the invited user can decline the request, leading to the deletion of the CoTweet draft.


Twitter Explores Longer Content with Notes:


  • Twitter announced the testing of “Notes,” a feature allowing select users to publish longer content on the platform.
  • Notes titles can extend up to 100 words, while the body of a Note can contain up to 2,500 words, a significant departure from the platform’s traditional 280-character limit.
  • Users can make edits to Notes after publication, offering greater flexibility in content creation.


Twitter Testing Product Drops Reminder Feature:


  • Twitter introduced “Product Drops,” a shopping feature that allows marketers to notify users about upcoming product launches.
  • Users can tap a “Remind me” button in response to tweets about product launches, leading them to a Product Details Page for more information.
  • This feature enhances the shopping experience and product discoverability on the platform.


Twitter Create: A Hub for Creators:


  • Twitter launched “Twitter Create,” a mini-site designed to assist creators in monetizing their accounts.
  • This resource provides guidance on monetization, engagement, and building influence on the platform, aligning with other social media platforms’ efforts to support creators.


These updates highlight Twitter’s dynamic evolution and adaptation to changing user preferences and demands under Elon Musk’s ownership.




Stay ahead of the curve with our latest August 2023 Social Media Updates! Discover new features, trends & platform changes. The social media landscape is in a constant state of evolution with platforms continually striving for excellence in transparency engagement and accuracy. These updates reflect the ongoing commitment of social media giants to provide the best experience for users and marketers alike stay informed and adapt to these changes to make the most of the opportunities these platforms offer.


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