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Social Media Updates for June 2023

Stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends with our Social Media Updates for June 2023! Get the info you need to stay ahead of the curve and maximize engagement. June 2023 has witnessed a flurry of exciting developments in the realm of social media, with major platforms introducing new features and improvements to enhance user experiences. As social media continues to evolve as a central part of our online interactions, these updates reflect the industry’s ongoing commitment to innovation and meeting the changing needs of users.

These updates underscore the dynamic nature of social media platforms, constantly striving to offer users fresh and engaging experiences. Let’s delve into the details of the June 2023 social media updates and explore how they shape the landscape of online interactions.


Social Media Updates for June 2023



Meta unveils a range of new tools focused on enhancing teen safety

Meta, the parent company of Messenger and Instagram, is introducing new parental supervision tools.
The updates aim to prioritize the safety and well-being of younger audiences.
The tools are designed to prevent harm and unwanted attention across the messaging features of both platforms.
On Messenger, parents will have access to tools for monitoring their children’s app usage.
Parents can view their children’s contacts and control who can see their messages and Stories.
These features provide valuable insights into kids’ digital interactions.
On Instagram, Meta is introducing Parental Supervision tools for greater oversight.
Parents will receive notifications when their child blocks someone on the app.
They will have visibility into the number of mutual friends their child shares with other accounts they follow and engage with.

The launch of Meta’s new Twitter challenger app is set for mid-July

  • Meta (formerly Facebook) is preparing to launch P92, a new real-time text app.
  • The app will utilize Instagram’s network graph to provide its functionality.
  • Meta aims to attract millions of users shortly after the public release of the app.
  • The app’s potential success poses a significant threat to Twitter, which currently has around 250 million active users.
  • The app, yet to be named, is expected to offer a real-time update stream with a user interface similar to Twitter’s.
  • This could lead to fierce competition in the market.
  • Elon Musk and Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg have engaged in playful banter and even teased the possibility of a cage match inspired by their discussions about Meta’s upcoming app.

Meta has unveiled the Quest + subscription service

  •  Meta has introduced a Meta+ subscription program.
  •  The subscription is priced at $7.99 per month.
  •  Users get access to two different VR experiences every month.
  •  Meta emphasizes “titles” rather than just games for their Quest platform.
  •  The program aims to engage Quest users with a variety of VR offerings.
  •  The intention is to expand users’ interest beyond traditional gaming.
  •  The program introduces users to Meta’s wider VR ecosystem.

Meta reaffirms its commitment to prohibiting news content in Canada as a response to the proposed Online News Act

  • Canada’s new Online News Act has been passed by Parliament.
  • Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is following through on its threat to block news content.
  • The block will affect Facebook and Instagram, rendering them devoid of news content.
  • Sharing links from publishers will also be blocked.
  • The next phase involves negotiations between Meta and the Canadian Government.
  • News content represents a smaller portion of the material shared on Facebook, giving Meta a stronger position in the discussion.

Meta unveils its latest innovation, the ‘Voicebox’ speech-to-text translation tool

  • Meta has introduced the ‘Voicebox’ AI system, a revolutionary technology for converting written text into audio.
  • Voicebox offers users the ability to transform text into audio using different styles and voices.
  • This innovation simplifies the process of text-to-audio translation and reduces learning and processing requirements.
  • Voicebox enables the creation of compelling audio content with ease.
  • Users can expect high-quality audio output from this advanced text-to-audio solution.


Instagram is extending its broadcast channels to encompass all creators

  • Instagram is expanding its DM engagement option to all users with an active Creator account.
  • This expansion follows the initial launch of Broadcast Channels to selected US creators in February.
  • The move aligns with Instagram’s strategy of prioritizing private discussions over feed posts.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), announced the expansion on his personal Instagram channel.
  • More creators will now be able to share updates with a wider audience through direct messages (DMs) within the app.
  • Instagram aims to cater to the growing trend of private and intimate conversations on social media platforms.
  • This update highlights Instagram’s commitment to empowering creators and facilitating meaningful interactions among users.

Meta expands the Instagram API to include creator accounts and user tagging in Reels

  • Meta is expanding the capabilities of the Instagram API.
  • Third-party platforms will have enhanced posting functionality.
  • Content publishing for Instagram Creator accounts will be supported.
  • Previously limited to business profiles, now Creator accounts can utilize third-party platforms for content publishing.
  • Simplifies content management through a centralized dashboard.
  • Users can directly publish content on Instagram using their preferred third-party platforms.
  • User tagging and renaming original audio in Reels will be possible through the API.
  • Enhances creative possibilities for users.
  • Users can tag others and customize audio elements in Reels through third-party applications.

Instagram is currently experimenting with a new AI chatbot experience within DMs

  • Instagram is developing an innovative AI chat feature.
  • The feature allows users to ask questions directly to an AI system within chat conversations.
  • Users can seek real-time information and advice from the AI tool.
  • The AI chat feature also provides guidance on crafting impactful and compelling messages.


Google unveils advanced AI-driven advertising choices and virtual try-on solutions for clothing

  • Google has introduced two AI-powered advertising campaign options, along with a new AI-driven augmented reality (AR) Try-On feature. The AR Try-On uses advanced algorithms to provide more accurate visual representations of how clothing looks on individuals based on their body type.
  • The first addition is the Demand Gen campaign, which allows brands to leverage their video and image assets by converting them into various Google ad formats. This empowers brands to enhance their reach and connect with specific users more effectively.
  • In addition, Google has launched Video View campaign options, providing further opportunities to utilize AI in the creation and targeting process. These options offer innovative ways for brands to engage with their audience through compelling video content.

As part of its ongoing cost-cutting measures, Google has decided to sell Google 


  • Google is selling its Domains business to Squarespace for $180 million.
  • This decision is part of Google’s cost-cutting measures and strategic shift towards more forward-looking endeavors.
  • Google previously announced plans to eliminate 12,000 positions, approximately 6% of its workforce.
  • The company aims to focus on emerging opportunities and allocate key talent accordingly.
  • Bloomberg reports that these developments could have an impact on individuals who purchased a Google Domains URL with the intention of creating a unique website.


LinkedIn is currently exploring various ways to monetize opportunities for creators

According to social media expert Matt Navarra, LinkedIn is currently testing a new feature that allows Creator Mode users to share their analytics data with businesses through collaborative campaigns. This aligns LinkedIn with the monetization strategies used by other apps and opens up opportunities for targeted promotion for brands. Additionally, LinkedIn influencers can now generate direct revenue from their presence on the platform.

LinkedIn has shared fresh insights regarding its most recent algorithm updates

  • LinkedIn’s recent update, aimed at reducing engagement bait and promoting more relevant content, holds potential benefits. However, the effectiveness of LinkedIn’s system in penalizing engagement bait and prioritizing relevant content is yet to be proven. While LinkedIn expresses its desire to minimize junk and spam, implementing such measures on a technical level is challenging.
  • One possible approach to address this issue is to categorize members into topical buckets. If LinkedIn’s system can accurately accomplish this, it could enhance relevant connections and exposure, even if it results in reduced reach for users.
  • LinkedIn’s efforts seem to be yielding positive results. According to the platform, there has been a significant 42% increase in shared content from 2021 to 2023, along with a 27% increase in overall content views.

LinkedIn has initiated a live trial of generative AI posts

  • LinkedIn has been working on a new feature that allows users to create posts using AI.
  • Nima Owji, an app researcher, discovered this functionality while examining the backend code of the LinkedIn application.
  • The AI-powered update assistant on LinkedIn suggests modifications to the initial draft of a post and encourages users to engage in discussions about their ideas through the composer.

LinkedIn has introduced direct messaging (DMs) for company pages

  • LinkedIn is focusing on enhancing its messaging tools to cater to the growing trend of social media conversations shifting to direct messages (DMs).
  • The platform aims to facilitate professional connections and interactions through InMails within the app.
  • Over 63 million companies actively post on LinkedIn’s Company Pages, highlighting the potential for using page messaging to connect and engage with new prospects.
  • LinkedIn is exploring the integration of an AI assistant to assist with lead nurturing.
  • The AI assistant would provide users with information about the person they are engaging with, eliminating the need for manual profile or post searches.


In June 2023, social media platforms underwent several noteworthy updates and changes. Users witnessed a significant revamp in the user interface of various platforms, providing a more seamless and intuitive experience. 

Additionally, content moderation algorithms were refined to better identify and remove harmful or misleading content, fostering a safer online environment. Several platforms introduced new features, such as augmented reality filters, and expanded video capabilities, aiming to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. 

As social media continues to evolve, these updates reflect the platforms’ commitment to adapt and improve, catering to the ever-changing needs and preferences of their users. Also check out our other articles – 10 Top Free AI Tools in 2023 for Digital Marketing.


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