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Social Media Updates October 2023

The landscape of social media is perpetually evolving, and this month, major platforms are introducing an array of exciting features and tools. From audio and video calling capabilities to fresh advertising options and monetization strategies, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the latest updates from prominent social media giants.

 Meta Updates for October 2023

  •  Expansion of Broadcast Feature: Building on the success of its introduction on Instagram and WhatsApp earlier in the year, Meta is now extending the capability for public figures and content creators to share broadcast messages.
  •  Available on Facebook and Messenger: This extension of the broadcast feature encompasses both the Facebook and Messenger platforms, providing an even broader reach for public figures and creators.
  •  Empowering Engagement: The move empowers these individuals to engage directly with their followers and audiences, offering a fresh and direct means of interaction and communication.
  •  Enhancing Engagement: The addition of broadcast messages further enhances the suite of communication tools available to public figures and content creators, providing them with more ways to connect and engage with their fan base.
  •  Continued Commitment to User Engagement: Meta’s commitment to facilitating user engagement and interaction remains at the forefront of these developments, as the company seeks to empower both public figures and content creators with new tools for building and strengthening their online communities.

LinkedIn Updates for October 2023

  • A reduction of approximately 668 positions spanning engineering, product, talent, and finance teams is slated as part of talent adjustments.
  • These changes, although challenging, are deemed essential for effective business management.
  • LinkedIn is in the process of modifying its organizational structures and enhancing decision-making efficiency.
  • Despite the reduction in roles, the company maintains its commitment to investing in future strategic priorities.
  • Ensuring the ongoing delivery of value to members and customers remains a top priority.
  • LinkedIn is wholeheartedly devoted to providing comprehensive support to employees affected by these changes.
  • Impacted employees will receive considerate and respectful treatment throughout this transitional phase.

X Updates for October 2023

  • X, formerly known as Twitter, takes a momentous stride by introducing inapp audio and video calling features in their latest update. Initially available on iOS, Android support is expected to follow shortly. The significant aspects of this update are as follows:
  • Premium subscribers now possess the ability to engage in audio and video calls directly from the platform, enriching communication options for users.
  • All accounts on X can receive audio and video calls, making this feature more inclusive.
  • Users can customize who can call them by configuring settings within Direct Messages.
  • By default, users can receive calls from accounts they follow or have in their address book, provided they have granted access to their address book.
  • Before initiating a call with another user, a prerequisite is in place: the user must have sent a Direct Message at least once before. This feature promotes genuine and meaningful interactions on the platform.

X Subscription Model Update

  •  Not A Bot Subscription Model: X is experimenting with a new subscription model called “Not A Bot.”
  •  Targeting Spam and Bots: The move is audacious and aims to reduce the influence of spam and bots on the platform.
  •  $1 Per Year Fee: New users signing up for X in New Zealand and the Philippines are subject to a $1 per year subscription fee.
  •  Existing Users Unaffected: Existing users on the platform will not be impacted by this change.
  •  Balancing Accessibility and Security: X’s goal with this subscription model is to strike a balance between maintaining an open platform accessible to all while enhancing security and reducing spam and manipulation.
  •  Ongoing Efforts: This initiative aligns with X’s ongoing efforts to ensure a positive user experience and platform integrity.
  •  Experimental Phase: The $1 subscription model is currently in an experimental phase, and its impact and effectiveness will be evaluated over time.
  • This subscription model represents X’s proactive stance against spam and manipulation, offering a potential solution to create a cleaner and more secure environment for its users.

Quora Updates for October 2023

  • The mobile site received updates to align it with the UI improvements in the iPhone and Android apps of quora.
  • Numerous minor bugs and user frustrations were addressed.
  • The answer page was refined to be visually distinct from the question page.
  • Extraneous question information was removed to avoid confusion.
  • Error pages were made more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Error pages now attempt to locate the intended page based on the words in the URL.
  • Alerts for lost connections or page updates no longer obstruct search and navigation.
  • Instead, they push the entire page down, keeping the interface clear.
  • The links to redirect or delete a question have been relocated to the options menu.
  • These options are no longer available for locked questions.
  • The menu style has been visually updated for consistency with other interactions on the site.
  • The best source icon is now positioned within the content column in most cases.
  • This prevents collisions with other elements on the page, ensuring a cleaner layout.

Threads Updates for October 2023

  •  Threads Confirms Direct Messaging: Threads, the platform closely tied to Instagram, has officially confirmed the development of a muchanticipated feature: direct messaging.
  •  Official Launch Date Pending: While an official launch date has not been announced, the introduction of direct messaging is eagerly awaited by users and is expected to enhance interactions on the platform.
  •  Mark Zuckerberg’s Revelation: Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has shared plans for the app’s future. Users can anticipate the addition of an edit button and voice features, offering improved content editing capabilities and enhanced communication options.
  •  UserCentric Enhancements: These upcoming features are designed to empower users with more ways to engage, communicate, and create content, aligning with Meta’s commitment to a usercentered approach.

The introduction of direct messaging, along with the upcoming editing and voice features, will likely enhance the user experience on the Threads platform and offer exciting opportunities for communication and content creation.

Snapchat Updates for October 2023 

  •  Snapchat’s Creator Collab Campaigns Suite is a collection of products designed for collaboration between advertisers and content creators.
  •  This suite includes tools like the creator discovery API and paid partnership tags.
  •  The goal is to create new opportunities for brands to engage with content creators and build innovative partnerships.
  •  By using these offerings, brands and influencers can develop compelling content and reach a broader audience.


In this ever evolving digital landscape, these updates present users and brands with innovative avenues to connect, collaborate, and communicate. Whether it’s through inapp calls, tools catered to content creators, inventive subscription models, expanded messaging functionalities, or broadcast capabilities, these advancements bring forth exciting opportunities for engagement and creativity. Social media remains a dynamic environment constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of its users.

Stay tuned for more updates and explore these new features as they become available on your favorite social media platforms. With continuous evolution, these platforms provide thrilling prospects for personal and professional growth in the digital world.If you enjoyed reading this piece, be sure to explore our captivating article titled “Social Media Updates for September 2023“.


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