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How to Create a Powerful Digital Marketing Funnel 2023

Digital marketing isn’t easy and we know it. Nowadays, anyone can create a Google or Facebook commercials campaign and start generating clicks. There is fierce competition, and it appears like everyone wants in on the internet. But, how many are actually reaching the desired goal?

There are several techniques to attract people’s attention in the age of new-age innovation and consumer companies. Click-based advertising, YouTube advertising, banner advertising, narrative advertising, and more are practically everywhere. However, digital marketing is also becoming more difficult at the same time.

Hence, major risks call for major actions and we will choose the most effective way to generate CTA. But how? Through a powerful digital marketing funnel. We will walk you through the basics of sales funnels and how to create one too, so tag along.

What is a Digital Marketing Funnel?

What is a Digital Marketing Funnel

A Digital Marketing Funnel is an effective guideline through which potential customers can learn about a business and guide themselves to purchase a product or service provided by that particular business. Additionally, this sales funnel requires a sequence of strategic and effective steps that allows people to look through the particular business’s offering. 

The idea of a digital marketing funnel first originated as a tool for sales teams but gradually spread to communication tactics as well. It is essential to comprehend this concept’s significance to allocate your resources more effectively. A sales funnel example would be an Ad on YouTube that leads you directly to the website page asking you to register your email ID.

How to create a Digital Marketing Funnel?

How to create a Digital Marketing Funnel

A digital marketing funnel stages are divided into sections: from the wider top portion (Top of Funnel), which draws in many people, through the narrower middle section (Middle of Funnel), and finally to the even smaller bottom area (Bottom of Funnel), which is pretty occupied by potential customers.

The most crucial thing to comprehend when creating a marketing or sales funnel is that you must approach it from the viewpoint of the customer. You’ll be able to keep out a lot of guesswork and hassles by doing this.

Listed below are the following steps that can lead you to create the best digital marketing funnel.

  • Creating brand awareness 

To begin attracting visitors to your website, you must first build brand awareness as the first stage in constructing an internet marketing funnel. Given that it is the area of the funnel that is the widest in terms of drawing the most traffic to your website, this exposure stage is what can be called  the “top of the funnel.

  • Provide persuasive offers 

Create an offer that motivates people to continue learning about your initiatives if you want to develop a digital marketing funnel that almost fills itself with promising opportunities. Your offer should aim to pique the curiosity of new visitors by providing something of actual value. They will be encouraged to sign up for additional marketing if they do this.

  • Implement the conversion process 

Your clients are aware that there is a remedy for their problem at this point in the marketing funnel. Therefore, comparing several alternatives is the next step.

At this point, your messaging should focus more on explaining to the audience why your solution is the most effective way to address their problem. Display, for instance, the pricing structure that makes your offering a superior option.

  • Building customer relationships 

The following stage is to approach your customers more closely once the lead conversion has been established. It’s becoming vital to put brand marketing aside and concentrate on showing the customer how to put your products or service to work and solve their problems. This improved communication may provide you with a competitive edge.

A fantastic option is to spend a good budget on a drip campaign to enhance the customer’s education and respond to their primary queries.

  • Customer retention 

While most customer relationships start with a first interchange, customer retention numbers are linked to a customer’s first purchase and encompass all future interactions. Following the measurement of client retention, businesses can utilize this feedback to do data analysis on aspects of customer success and customer experience.

Why is Digital Marketing Funnel important?

There are a couple of reasons that answer this question very well. Why is the digital marketing funnel important? Well, this sales funnel gives you an idea to reconstruct your strategies, ideas, goals, and procedures. Additionally, this also helps you to understand why certain strategies work and certain strategies don’t. 

This funnel also helps you understand the digital marketing funnel stages to create content that attracts serious buyers. However, one has to have a clear understanding of how all the stages work together to allow efficient marketing. 

Why Is a Marketing Funnel Necessary?

You might outline the many stages of a purchasing journey using marketing funnels. Following that, you might develop market strategy to focus on different stages of purchasers. In order to achieve the greatest outcomes, this helps in organizing your marketing initiatives in a significantly precise way.

By using the appropriate marketing strategies just at appropriate times, you may attract the correct audience.

By keeping your efforts highly targeted as well as concentrated, marketing funnels may assist you in saving money, as well as effort. Consequently, it’s a good strategy to employ funnels and boost your marketing ROI.

BEST 3 Sales Funnel Tools In 2023



Russell Brunson with Todd Dickerson created ClickFunnels in 2014, and today it is likely the most widely known & commonly utilized sales funnel tool available today. Actually, Brunson is commonly quoted as the person who popularised the concept of a funnel.

The CEO, Brunson, expressed his dissatisfaction also with available solutions to Dickerson, the lead programmer. Just at the time, Brunson was conducting a supplements business but also attempting to upsell his clients.

Capabilities of sales funnels using ClickFunnels

  • Singe click upsells 
  • Order bumps  
  • Automated email sequences 
  • Pre-built email templates  
  • Campaign split-testing 
  • Sales funnels in intuitive visual charts  
  • Simple sales funnel builder 
  • Drag-and-drop page editor  
  • Backpack affiliate framework 
  • Follow-up sales funnels 
  • Pre-built campaign templates

Pricing for ClickFunnels

Three pricing options are available from ClickFunnels













WordPress & WooCommerce can accomplish a lot of things when used together. However, companies regrettably fall short in terms of to creating sales funnels or improving checkout pages.


Users now require a suitable sales funnel solution, such as CartFlows, which would be available as a WordPress plugin, and close that gap.


Once it is installed, users must be ready to use CartFlows’ templates and create your custom automated funnels. In fact, they effortlessly integrate with each of the well-liked WordPress website builders, including Elementor, Divi Builder, Beavers Builder, but also Gutenberg.


Benefits of CartFlows for sales funnels

  • One-click upsells and downsells 
  • Basic order bumps  
  • Custom checkout fields  
  • Dynamic flow sequencing
  • High conversion campaign templates  
  • Cart abandonment follow-ups  
  • Sales funnel builder 
  • Checkout offers  
  • Easy-to-use interface


Cost for CartFlows





$199 (Single Site License)


$299  (30 Site Licenses)


$999 (Lifetime License Covering 30 Sites)





ActiveCampaign aims to simplify the complete customer experience as just a marketing automation solution or CRM program. You may rely upon it for lead generation, lead nurturing, sales pipeline management, email campaigns, including SMS marketing.


In relation to that, you’ll really like utilizing ActiveCampaign’s deal funnels. Utilizing your chosen unique automation rules, you are free to construct quite as many offers as you would like using the visual builder.


Sales funnel features using ActiveCampaign

  • Social data enrichment 
  •  Win probability  
  • Unlimited email design testing Site messages  
  • CRM with sales automation  
  • Conversion reporting  
  • Split automations 
  • SMS prospect nurturing  
  • Marketing attribution 
  • Predictive content  
  • Conditional content 
  • Lead capture forms  
  • Automated chatbot workflows 
  • Automations map  
  • Customer health scoring
  • SMS marketing  
  • Contact scoring 
  • Campaign and automation reporting  
  • Site and event tracking 
  • Segmentation  
  • Automated email marketing 
  • Deal path reporting  
  • Customer success pipelines





$9 (500 contacts)


$500 ( 100,000+ contacts)




ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp are very similar. It was a complicated marketing automation platform that includes marketing emails plus customer relationships management, similar to its brother.


The sales funnel capabilities are especially excellent at monitoring prospects & later measuring the overall quality of both the relationship customers have with the company, as well as creating behavior patterns in an automated sequence. As just a result, using Mailchimp’s forecasted demographic, users should find no trouble figuring out the matching purchase possibility.


Benefits of Mailchimp for sales funnels

  • Multivariate testing 
  • Comparative reporting  
  • Pre-built customer journeys 
  • Customer journey builder  
  • Classic automation builder 
  • Shoppable landing pages  
  • Custom-coded templates 
  • Pre-built templates 
  • Purchase likelihood
  • Customer lifetime value 
  • Predicted demographics 
  • Behavior-based automation series  
  • Behavioral targeting 
  • Surveys  
  • Lead segmentation and tagging

Mailchimp is willing to give you a jumpstart without charge.











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