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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Creative Designing

In the fast-paced world of today, with our rapidly dwindling attention spans, aesthetics plays a major role in how we consume content and smart companies know it. Research proves that there is a strong connection between creative designs and business success.

Good impressions are made with good creative designs, helping a potential customer to set his foot in the digital doorway. Designs initiate effective and instant communication which is an essential part of any business. It allows a business to speak to its audience on what they have to offer and the values they are looking to propagate. Lead generation for a company depends on the overall look of its official website, emails, social media accounts to physical display of the office itself, which affects sales and ultimate business potential in the future.

Even with the outpouring of data from every corner, companies are starting to understand the improbability of survival and success on purely data-driven strategies and that’s where creative deliverables enter the picture. A harmonious combination of numbers, letters and art is really what sets an organisation apart from the competition in the market.

The perfect pieces of content tell a story effortlessly. Their goal lies in creating one, unified brand identity that builds emotional connections with customers at every turn. The visuals are the most important aspect due to their immediacy and the ability to create the most striking impression in the viewer’s mind, followed by the perfect and astute choice of words.  93% of all human communication is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text by our brains. This is the reason why finding the right creative and designing solutions are so necessary from logos, packaging, websites to memes, promotional images, blogs and social media posts. Good content creates a lasting impact, narrating key information related to your company, while also building consumer trust. A successful designing process is able to convert compelling artistic choices into actual business results.

In the digital age, with the internet and social media having been transformed into The Colosseum for brands around the world, the audience of this generation expects a certain mastery to be showcased, by the competitors engaging in these mediums.

A website can be filled to the brim with information, but people are never going to invest their time into it, let alone educate themselves about the resources, unless the overall product is presented in an entertaining package. This is where the ability of beautifully designed visuals come into the frame, to dissolve parts of complicated and lengthy reading material, or at least keep our brain engaged enough to scroll through the page. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are two very important skillsets that brands must have access to, to maintain the higher ground in an ever-shifting arena.

Brand Collateral

The tangible collection of materials used to raise awareness of, and promote your business forms the basis of brand collaterals. It unequivocally represents your brand through and through, being designed based on core principles and personality of the company. These are marketing tools used to ease the sales process, while also educating the masses about your brand proposition and promise.

Ranging from business cards, letterheads, envelopes, printed & digital brochures, websites, social media graphics, packaging, branded PowerPoint, explainer videos to vehicle wraps, tradeshow displays, exhibition stands graphics and signage, these items and more form the basis of the first impression, for your product or service, in an over saturated marketplace. Lacklustre design of brand collateral can do as much damage as professionally designed solutions can do, to enhance the estimated value of your goods, and increase sales.

Marketing Collateral

With an ever-changing definition, Marketing Collateral is a purely dynamic aspect of brand solutions that depends on current business environments, new technologies, and consumer trends. Proper marketing collateral, needs a plan of execution, set goals, and skilled professionals, to craft effective and essential materials for maximum client engagement. Researching your target base and pinpointing your audience is the first step towards achieving said goals.

Your marketing requires the dexterity to hone in on the un-answered questions of the people, and help them make a decision, solve a problem, or achieve whatever goal they’re after.

Uniformity is a must. Whether it’s the similar placement of logos across creatives or the marketing team choosing images that fit a pre-existing theme, there needs to be an established brand consistency. To safeguard against piracy and misuse, it’s also critical to establish brand guidelines. 

Hard Data needs to guide and inform your creative process for collaterals, to really optimize your execution. An inexhaustible and freeform array of art serves no purpose, if it’s not simple and direct enough to engage the audience with the product. Tools like Google Analytics, DAM Insights, and even analysis of unique identifiers like redemption codes are great ways to get the actionable, hard data you need.

Event Collateral

Event Collaterals consist of invitations, posters, brochures, leaflets, badges, menus, table place cards, pens and note pads branded with company logo and slogans, social media invitations, anything that augments the experience of an event for the attendees and provides them a mental

and physical connection with the brand image. It is a subtle form of messaging, complimentary to the grandness of the event, together creating valuable impressions for the brand identity.

The designs and themes for different events can have their own unique identities, while still remaining true to the brand. It provides a new and refreshing outlook, while creating a storyline for the event and also raising excitement about the attendance.

Event collateral supports the end all be all, which is business message. These are the main principles and value systems under which your company operates. It can come down to the smallest aspects of the event, like using recycled paper for brochures and leaflets. It helps your brand take a stand for what it believes in, and helps align yourself with a faithful customer base, who celebrate similar ideals, as a result.

Motion Graphics Design

Motion Graphics Designers form a vital part of any branding operation, creating 2D and 3D designs which narrate stories, deliver emotional messages, and most importantly highlight the product.

It is the most favoured option for breaking down complex concepts, products, or services for brands across the globe. Great video graphic designs are sure shot solutions, for capturing the debilitating attention of a terminally online audience base, and actually engaging them long enough to advertise the qualities and resourcefulness of your wares.

Motion graphics make any content more appealing and impactful, while simultaneously making a strong case for brand identity and increasing brand awareness.

Another superior trait of Motion Graphics is its inherent shareability, strengthening the pre-existing client base and creating organic growth outside of it, based on reshares and word of mouth, for any marketing campaign. “Going Viral” is now a common aspiration for a lot of brands, based on their engaging content base, even though it has proved to be a double – edged sword in some cases.

Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo have capitalized on the increasing marketability of motion graphics, by making the embedding process of videos extremely easy. This allows people to disseminate your brand’s content around the internet with just a few clicks, leading to random appearances in social media posts, or your video being linked in a different site’s blog. This in turn catapults your product or brand to be showcased in front of new potential customers every single day. A lot of consumers since the turn of the recent millennium don’t want to shift through lines, paragraphs and pages of information, to figure out what is being offered and that’s exactly what drives the necessity of motion graphics design through the roof. In a few short seconds everything is unravelled right in front of their eyes and the gametime decision is left up to them to either swipe away or select forward.

Brand awareness is a tricky code to crack for new and existing companies. By putting forward inventive and experimental motion graphics, you’re demonstrating yourself as an exciting prospect that everyone needs to look out for. Effective video content not only introduces your brand, but it also helps reduce buyer’s remorse and post-sale problems.


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