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Logo Designing June 3, 2019


Designing the SGM Logo posed a unique and exciting challenge for our team. Our creative task was to visually represent boilers in a captivating and innovative way. To accomplish this, we skillfully integrated the initials of the brand with a distinctive boiler-inspired design.

The journey to create this logo began with a foundation of concept sketches that allowed us to explore various possibilities. We carefully considered the color scheme, drawing insights from thorough research, to ensure that the logo not only looked appealing but also conveyed the brand’s identity effectively.

The end result is a logo that seamlessly merges the essence of SGM with the industrial aesthetics of boilers. It stands as a testament to our team’s ability to transform a complex brief into a visually engaging and memorable brand representation.


Designing the SGM Logo presented a challenge to the team, as they were tasked with creatively showcasing boilers within the logo.

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